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Copy file to CacheDrive shows error "There is not enough space..." when there is plenty of room - says I need 0 bytes of free space

When copying files to the network share on the CacheDrive, Windows file system reports that the CacheDrive is full with an error message "There is not enough space...". The error message specifically says that I need to free up 0 bytes of space.

In some cases, the file has a Resource Fork (in macOS) or an Alternative Data Stream (in Windows) that is too large for the file system to support. The Morro File System supports up to 16000 bytes for the Stream. If you receive this error, you can view the data stream for the file by using PowerShell in Windows. Enter the following command to view the stream:

Get-Item -path [filename] -stream *

Replace [filename] with the name of the file whose stream you want to view.

The system will return a list of information including these two parts:

Stream  : :$DATA

Length  : 1990315

Where "Length" is the size of the Data Stream. This value needs to be below 16000.

To upload files with streams that are too large, place the file in an archival format such as ZIP and then upload the archived file to the system.

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In some scenarios, the CacheDrive will report a drive full error if the cache buffer is completely full and has not had time to upload files to make enough space for new files to be added. The buffer can only remove a file if the file has been uploaded to the cloud. You can check the Devices page in your Team Portal to see the status of your device's upload process to determine if it's currently processing files.

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