In Active Directory mode, use the Group tab to view and import AD groups.  Group management should be done in Active Directory.


Import User/Group from ADS

Import users and groups to make them available when managing share access restrictions.

To import users and groups:

  1. Enter a query string in the "Query String" field and click "Find Now".  Use an asterisk (*) as the wildcard character.
  2. Select the user(s) and group(s) in the Search Results area, then click "Import Now".


*If the "Computer OU" field in the Team -> Authentication page contains any special characters that are not supported (even if they are allowed in Windows), the LDAP search may be unable to find any users or groups.  In this case, remove the special characters from the "Computer OU" field in the Team -> Authentication page and try again.

**If there are more than 1000 users/groups to be imported, need to use a more restricted query so that the return result is less than 1000 entries each time and repeat this process for addition imports.  For example:  use A* to search the items which start with A and a instead of using * for all, because the  limitation is 1000 by default for a single query return. 

Edit Group

Click on a group to edit the group settings.

In Active Directory mode, you can:

  • Unimport - Remove this group from the Morro Account.  This will remove the group from share-level access control lists.