Morro Edge allows Administrators to easily manage access to centralized resources across multiple offices.  Traditionally, such setups would require multiple VPNs connecting offices to each other, which can be expensive and a source of huge management headaches.  Morro Edge is a secure, easy to manage system for linking offices together into a single unified network.

The diagram above shows one possible Edge setup.  Note that the PCs may not require any additional network configuration.

  • PCs in Office #1 and Office #2 can access the AD server and CacheDrive in Azure through the Morro SDN.
  • The PC in the Home Office can access a Windows 10 instance running in the HC81.  The Windows instance will have full access to the Edge network.
  • The Office and Home Office Edge devices can be configured with embedded CacheDrives for fast file access.  To reduce expenses, the PCs can also access CacheDrives in the cloud or in other offices at the cost of reduced performance.

Other possible configurations include:

  • On-prem resources (AD, license server, etc.) made available throughout the Morro Edge network by using a core device (HC85) at the main office.
  • One CacheDrive at the main office shared by on-prem and home office users.  Satellite offices with multiple users may have their own CacheDrive instances.