Morro's solution was designed from the ground up as a hybrid cloud global file system – the best of both worlds between cloud and local - cloud storage's scalability and availability with local storage performance.

- High-performance cloud access with cache – 100x faster compared with the typical direct connected cloud storage.

- Based on Amazon S3, Azure Blob, Wasabi, and Backblaze B2, Morro's cloud storage offers a combination of high durability and price-performance.

- CacheDrives on-premises enable syncing across multiple offices. CacheDrive in Cloud facilitates remote access and Cloud VDI applications.

- CacheDrive uses the simple NAS interface and is compatible with AD, Azure AD, and other user authentication methods.

- Location-aware permissions, access to files can be restricted based on which gateway is used and whether the user is on-premises. Access control ensures the security of business-critical data.