The Morro Solution is the easiest way to bring the cloud to your local network. You’ll be able to create shared folders on your network, manage users and permissions, and seamlessly share files between distant lands all while enjoying the benefits of having a fully-hosted storage solution in the cloud.

The Morro Solution is a combination of easy-to-use hardware (simply plug the CacheDrive into your network), a cloud-based manager (administer your system from anywhere), and your file management policy (how do you want to store and access your files) working together to bring you the best experience of cloud storage available.

How you want your files organized is up to you and your team. The CacheDrive is the gateway to your cloud storage. Every gateway needs to be associated with a Morro Account, so let's sign up an account for your team.

Sign up for an account

An account is created to manage your Morro Solution including devices, users, files, etc.

Before you sign up

There are some concepts you should be familiar with before signing up for an account.

  • Business Administrator

    The Business Administrator is the super user for the account. When you create an account, you are also creating the business administrator user. The business administrator can manage the team, is responsible for the billing, and can create other global administrators to administer the site. During account sign up, the business administrator will be asked to enter a valid credit card.

    For more information about Business Adminstrators, reference the article Business Admin Login vs. User Login

    Note: The business administrator account cannot be used to access a restricted share through the local network. In order to access the share on the local network, the business administrator must create a standard user for themselves and give that user access to shares to which they want access.

  • Detecting the gateway

    The system can take up to five (5) minutes to automatically detect the gateway. Only use "Locate by UUID" when connecting to a device that is on a different network. If the gateway has not been detected after five (5) minutes, reference the article The System Does Not Automatically Detect My Device.

  • Gateway Name

    The name of the gateway is used to connect to the device as a network share. Select a name that can be easily identified in the list of shared computers. The gateway name must be unique on your network.

  • Choose a Service Plan

    The service plan determines which features and types of cloud data object store you can use with the Morro Data solution. For more information on plans, please refer to the article, Morro Data Service Plans.

  • Team Portal (URL)

    The team portal is the subdomain for the url used to access the team's Morro Cloud Manager portal. The name is permanent and cannot be changed once the account is created. Pick a name that is between 8 and 20 characters.

Now that you are familiar with these concepts for your account, go to to create your account

create account

For detailed information on how to sign up for an account, reference to article Morro Account Sign Up.

Next Steps

Once the account is created, check out the Quick Start article for a tutorial on how to use the system.