When onboarding your data without the Morro Migrate app, please use this guide to make the process as easy as possible.

Things to Avoid

  • If possible, avoid using a sync share for transferring large amounts of data into the system.  Replicate shares offer better performance for upload to the cloud.  Schedule the cloud upload for off-hours to minimize the effect on your Internet bandwidth during business hours.
  • Avoid mapping the shares to other CacheDrives until the data onboarding process is complete.  This allows the devices to optimize sync requests into batches resulting in faster, more efficient syncing.
  • Multiple data onboarding tasks can be run simultaneously with different destination gateways, but avoid running multiple tasks to a single CacheDrive.

Data Onboarding Procedure

Use the following steps to onboard data from a local PC or server to a Morro CacheDrive.

  1. Create a Replicate share.  Note that no other additional gateways should be selected.
    Create share
  2. Connect to the share via SMB and copy the files to the share.  This can be done with a simple drag and drop or a utility like robocopy.  We recommend the following backup software because they create the fewest requests per file and are therefore very efficient with large uploads:


    Note that if the data size is larger than the cache size, you will need to upload in batches that are smaller than the cache size, then sync the share before uploading the next batch. For more information, see #3 below.

    If possible, run the file copy directly from the source server instead of a PC to reduce the amount of traffic on your network.

  3. Once the upload is completed, sync the data to the cloud.  If you would like to avoid uploading the data to the cloud during business hours, you can use the schedule option to initiate the upload at a more convenient time.   For more information, see the Schedule section of Manage Shares - Replicate.
    Navigation: From MCM -> Click File System -> Select share -> Schedule

    replicate share

  4. Convert the share to a sync share.  This will set the share to read-only for a short period of time.

    replicate share
  5. Enable access to the share from other CacheDrives.
    Navigation: From MCM -> Click File System -> Select share -> Click Permissions -> Click Gateway

Data Onboarding Example

Consider the case of transferring data from two shares on Windows File servers (SourceA and SourceB) to two CacheDrives (share DestinationA on CacheDriveA and share DestinationB on CacheDriveB).  We recommend the following procedure:

  1. Create two Replicate shares:
    DestinationA on CacheDriveA
    DestinationB on CacheDriveB
  2. Copy the files to DestinationA and Destination B using your favorite file copy utility or a recommended utility from step 2 above.
  3. Once the copy is completed, upload the data to the cloud using the Sync Now button in the Schedule page for both shares.
  4. Convert both shares to sync shares.
  5. Once the conversion is completed, make DestinationA and DestinationB available to other CacheDrives.