Use the User tab to manage your users.

Create User

Use the Create User button to create a new user account.

The available options are:

  • Network User name - The user name used for logging in to the Team Portal and through SMB, for example jsmith.  Once set, this cannot be changed for the user account.
  • Full name - The user's full name, for example John Smith.
  • Email - The user's email address.  After creation, the account will be in pending status until the user clicks the link in the verification email sent to this address.
  • Primary group - The User's primary group.  The group owner of files and folders created by this user will be set to this group by default.  Each user may only have one primary group.
  • Secondary groups - The other groups in which this user is a member.  Each user may belong to multiple groups.
  • "If the user account exists but was deleted, reactivate the account instead of creating a new one." - If this option is enabled and the Network user name matches that of a deleted user, reactivate the user account instead of creating a new one.
  • "Do not send an invitation email. I will give the user the temporary password." - If this option is enabled, the user will not receive an invitation email.  The user's temporary password will be displayed as in the following dialog and must be shared with the user.

Create Multiple Users

Use the Create Multiple Users button to create users in bulk.

See the Create User section above for a description of the option fields.  Multiple secondary groups can be specified with a semi-colon separated list.

When creating multiple users with the "Do not send an invitation email..." option enabled, MCM will show the following dialog box. Click the "Export Password" button to download the list of temporary passwords as "user-password-file.csv".

Import Users

The Import Users button allows you to import a set of users using a CSV (comma separated values) file that can be created with Microsoft Excel and many other programs.

The rows in the CSV file must follow correct field order and format:

Network User name, Full name, Password, Email, Primary group, Secondary group

Multiple secondary groups can be entered separated by semi-colons.

Export Users

Use the Export Users button to export the user list in a CSV file format.

Edit User

To edit a user account, click on a user name in the user list.

The Edit User popup has two tabs, General and Groups.


The General tab allows you to change the account information.  The available options are:

  • Account - The login name for the account.  This cannot be modified.
  • Full name - The full name for the user account.
  • Email address - The email address of the user.
  • Password/Re-type password - Use these fields to change the user account's password.
  • MFA - Use this option to enable MFA (multi-factor authentication) for the account.

Use the Delete button to delete the user account.


Use the Groups tab to change the user's primary and secondary groups.

Use the Primary group dropdown to select a new primary group.

For secondary groups, use the + button next to a group (left side) to add it to the list of secondary groups for the user (right side).  Use the search bar above the list to filter the list of available groups.  The x button on the right side allows you to remove the user from that group.