Use the Morro Cloud Manager to manage the Morro CacheDrive devices, cloud storage resources, users and groups. The email address used for the account created during Account Sign Up is the Business Administrator for the account.

Prepare the CacheDrive for Installation

Note: Procedures differ depending on if you are adding the CacheDrive from your local network or a remote network.

Step 1: Connect gateway to the network

Connect the device to the network with a network cable.

Note: Morro CacheDrive does not ship with a network cable. It is recommended to use a CAT6E cable for Gigabit performance.

Step 2: Power on the device

Select the correct power plug and connect it to the power adapter. Power on the device and wait a few minutes for the device to complete its initialization process.

Remote Installation:

If adding a Gateway at a remote office, make sure the device is connected to network and powered on with assistance from someone onsite. Make note of the UUID of the remote device. The UUID is printed on a label on the bottom of the device.

Note: The gateway must be in discoverable mode to added be to the Morro Solution. If a gateway is powered on and has not been registered within 8 hours, the device will deactivate discoverable mode. To re-activate discoverable mode, power cycle the device.

Account Sign Up

Open an internet browser window and go to

sign up account

The account sign up process is a series of pages to walk you through the sign up process. The pages include:

  • Enter email address
  • Enter full name
  • Find device
  • Enter Activation Key (optional)
  • Choose a service plan
  • Enter team information
  • Enter payment information
  • Enter billing information
  • Confirm and complete

Once the process is completed, a verification email is sent to the email address provided in this process. Follow the instructions on the email address to complete the account sign up process.

Step 1: Welcome to Morro Account Sign Up

Enter an email address for the Business Administrator of the account. Confirm the email address by entering the same email address in the "Confirm Email" field. A verification email will be sent to the email address entered in this step.

sign up account with email

Step 2: Your name
process bar

Enter the full name for the business administrator. The full name is used to identify the administrator when communicating with users.

enter your name

Step 3: Find your gateway

Find your Morro CacheDrive on the network to install with the account.

The system will attempt to detect the device. The device can be found if it is on the same network as the computer used to add the device. If the system is unable to find the device or the device is on a different network, the user can manually enter the UUID (unique identifier) of the device.

Auto-Discover Device

For security reasons, once the device is powered on, it can be detected on the network for 8 hours. After the time has elapsed, you must restart the device in order for it to discoverable again.

Use the "Refresh" button to discover gateway on the network if it does not show up immediately.

find your gateway

Select the device by checking the box next to the correct device. If more than one device appears, be sure to verify the correct device using the Serial Number.

Manually Discover Device

When adding the gateway in a remote office location, on a different network, or a CacheDrive in Cloud, select "Locate by UUID".

find your gateway

Enter the UUID of the gateway in the UUID field and click "LOCATE BY UUID".

The UUID can be found on the bottom of physical CacheDrives.  For virtual machines and CacheDrive in Cloud, please contact your Account Manager.

Gateway Name

Enter a name for gateway. The name for the device must be unique across your Morro Solution.

Note: The system assigns a default name for the device.

Step 4: Activation Key
process bar

Enter the Activation Key if you received one. Activation Keys are sent for pre-paid accounts. If you have an Activation Key, you will not need to choose a plan or enter your credit card for billing purposes.

Note: Activation Keys appear as a service credit on your account. Any overages will be subtracted from the service credit.

If you do not have an Activation Key, you can skip this step and enter your credit card information in Step 7 and 8.

Activation key

Step 5: Service Plan

process bar

Choose the Service Plan you want to subscribe to for your Account. Account features vary based on the service plan chosen.

Note: If you used an Activation Key, the service plan associated with the Activation Key will be automatically selected.

For CloudNAS Business or CloudNAS Enterprise

Choose an S3 Region to be used with the default storage pool. CloudNAS Business and CloudNAS Enterprise include 1TB of storage per month and 1TB of egress per month.

CloudNAS BusinessCloudNAS Enterprise
Choose Morro File System

Step 6: Name your team

Name your team and pick a unique URL for your team to access your Morro Cloud Manager portal.

  • A team represents your company, organization, or group and how you collaborate with your coworkers and/or partners.
  • Select any name for your team name. The team name can be changed at a later time.
  • Select a unique team portal for your team. The team portal is used as the url for accessing your cloud manager account. Team portal cannot be changed once the account is created. Please be mindful when entering the team url.
  • The team url needs to be between 8 to 20 characters and meet character restrictions. The system will check the availability of your team portal.

team your team

Step 7: Your payment method

Enter a credit card for billing purposes. A credit card must be on file for managing your subscription plans. The payment info can be changed at a later time.

the payment methods

Step 8: Your billing information

Enter the billing information for the credit card entered in Step 5.

billing information

Step 9: Almost done

Review the profile data you entered and check the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions. After you click CREATE, an email will be sent to the email address entered at the beginning of the sign up process.

check information

The final page shows the team url and the email address for the business administrator. A confirmation email is sent to the business administrator to complete the account setup process.

you have create an account

Complete account setup

Follow the instructions in the confirmation email to create a password and complete the account sign up process.

create a password

Create a user

The Morro Cloud Manager will guide the business administrator through the process of creating a user. The user account is necessary for accessing the network share from a computer. For more information on how to create a user, reference the article Team.

What's next?

After creating your account, read through the guides to find out more about Morro's features and solutions.

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