The Dashboard shows a quick overview of your Morro Edge setup.

The following columns are shown in the Dashboard:

  • Region - The first row shows the name of the Regional WAN and the IP address range that will be used for Core and Edge devices in the network.  The other rows show the IP addresses assigned to the WAN gateways on the HC devices.
  • HC Devices - Information for the device.  This includes the hostname, comment, external IP address (given by your Internet provider), and site IP address (given by the DHCP server on your network).
  • Type - Type of device and firmware version.
  • Status - Status of the device.  A green power icon indicates that the device is online, a red exclamation point indicates that it is offline.
  • WAN Gateway - Shows the status of the WAN gateway.
  • CacheDrive - Shows the status of the embedded CacheDrive.
  • Compute - If the device has an embedded Windows Pro VM, the Compute field will show the status of this VM.