Morro Migrate phases can sometimes fail due to misconfiguration, unsupported characters in filenames, etc.  When a phase fails due to file and folder errors, you will see a message like this:

Follow the "Click here for the files and folders with errors" link to get the error details.

Migration Status Dialog

Clicking the "Click here for the files and folders with errors" link opens the Migration Status dialog box:

When the Ignore Error setting for the Migrate job is set to "None", the error type will have a red background, indicating a genuine error. If the Ignore Error setting is not set to "None" and the error is one of the ignored types, the error background color will be yellow, indicating that the error will be disregarded during job execution. 

If the file path is too long to fit in the dialog box, mouseover the file to see the whole path.

Sending the Log by Email

If there are too many files and folders with errors to manage in the dialog box, click "Send Log" to send the list in an email:

Error log

Fill out the required fields and the list will be sent to the email address entered.

Here is a sample error log sent by email:

Error log

The source and destination are shown at the top along with a tally of the files and folders with errors.  The fields for each file are file/folder number, error type, file or folder, and path.

Error Types

Here are the file and folder errors and what they mean:

Permission deniedFailed to access the file or folder.
Create errorFailed to create file or folder.
Special characterFilenames can't contain any of the following characters: \/:*?"<>|
DeletedThe source data has been deleted.
ChangedThe source data has been changed.
ACL migrate failureFailed to set owner, group, basic permission, or ACL.
Duplicated itemDuplicated item in the same parent folder.
OtherOther unknown issues.