Some businesses have multiple offices that need to sync and share files. As we discussed in the article Getting My Business Setup, your business is a composition of different roles. Employees performing these roles may be in different departments in the same office or in the same department in different offices. Morro Data makes setting up two offices to sync and share files easy.

Note: To setup sync and share between two offices, you'll need to have two CacheDrive cloud storage gateways.

Once the gateways are installed, you need to think about how to set up your Global File System to control how users will access files in the system.

Configure Your Offices

Most businesses will have the following scenarios:

  • Files that need to be shared between your two offices.
  • Files that should only be accessed by your main office (HQ).
  • Files that should only be accessed by your remote office (Remote).

Pools and Shares

Your first step is to see if you need to create Pools. Pools are best thought of as virtual policies for your files such as where and how it stored. For example, right now MorroData offers different versioning policies such as 30 days, or all copies forever.

Note: The location of the office is not as important as how the files stored within pool need to be treated.

Most businesses will only need to have 1 pool with many shares. We will use this method to setup multiple offices to have different types of file access.

Once you create a share you will be able to assign which CacheDrive has access to it.

Here is an example:

You create the following shares with an idea of which location should have access to them

  • Accounting (HQ)
  • HR (HQ)
  • Finance (HQ)
  • Engineering (HQ + Remote)
  • Design (HQ + Remote)
  • Docs (Remote)

Follow the instructions here on how to specify which gateway gets access to which share.

Next Steps

For more information on how to setup multiple offices, reference the article Basic Configuration for Two Offices in the User's Guide.