If you are setting up a new Morro Data account, please see Morro Account Sign Up to create your account and install the first gateway.

Click the Add Gateway button in the Devices page to add a new gateway (CacheDrive) to your account.


Add Gateway

After clicking the Add Gateway button, you will see the Add Gateway dialog.


Complete the following steps to add the gateway:

  1. Find the device
  2. Choose name
  3. Add comment (optional)
  4. Select accessible share
  5. Save

Step 1: Find the Device

Note: CacheDrives will only be discoverable for 8 hours after startup.  If the device has not been added to an account during that time, reboot the device to restart the 8-hour discoverable period.

If the device is on the same network as the PC accessing MCM, and the PC and device use the same protocols (IPv4 or IPv6), the device should be discovered automatically.

If the device is not on the same network as the PC accessing MCM, or the PC and device use different protocols (IPv4 or IPv6), select "Locate by UUID" and enter the UUID of the CacheDrive in the UUID field.  To find the UUID of the device, please see the following article:

Where Can I Find the UUID for My Device?

Select the device you wish to add.  If more than one device appears, use the serial number to verify that the correct device is selected.

Step 2: Choose Name

Choose a unique name for the device.

Step 3: Add Comment (optional)

Add an optional comment.  Common choices are the physical location of the device (e.g. San Francisco Office) or the purpose of the device (e.g. Test Device).

Step 4: Select Accessible Share

Make all sync shares or no shares available to this device with Read/Write permissions.  Replicate shares must be made accessible through the File System or Devices permissions tabs.

Note: For security purposes, we recommend selecting "No Shares" and setting permissions on individual shares for the device.

Step 5: Save Changes

Click ADD to complete process.

Post-Add Process

Once the Add Gateway process is finished, the device will download the filesystem structure for the available shares.  If you chose "All Shares" during the Add process, it may take some time for the download to complete. During the download, the device status will show a lightning bolt icon.


Once the download is finished, the status will change to "On-line"


If the account is using Active Directory Mode, the CacheDrive must be added to the domain:

  1. Go to the Team page.
  2. Click the Authentication tab.
  3. Click "Join Domain" for the device.