To recover a deleted file, go to the Team Portal, then Files, then navigate to the location of the deleted file.  Follow these steps to complete the file recovery:

  1. Click on the eye icon to enable display of deleted files.  By default, deleted files are hidden.

  2. Select the file to recover.

  3. Click on Manage Versions.

  4. Select the version to recover.
  5. Click Recover.  The recovered file will have the same filename but with the timestamp appended.

Note:  If a file has been purged from the Team Portal, it is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Note: The Team Portal must have read/write access to the share, otherwise the Recover button will be disabled.

Recovering a Deleted Folder

Use the procedure described above to recover a deleted folder.

You will see the following dialog after clicking Manage Versions:

Select a gateway to do the file processing.  Recovered folders will be available on all CacheDrives with access to the share.

Enabling the Only Recover the Last Version option recovers only the latest version of the files as new independent files with no previous version information.  Otherwise, previous version information will be retained.  Select the timezone, date, and time, then click Recover.

The recovered folder will have the same name but with the timestamp appended.

File Retention Policy

Note that the "Keep 30 versions" and "Keep 300 versions" retention policy will not keep 30 or 300 consecutive versions.   The saved versions will span a period of weeks or months to increase the chances of recovering a useful previous version.  For more information on the retention policy, please see the following:

Versioning and File Retention Policy