To use Morro Connect, sign in with your Team Portal name, network user name, and password.

Note: The Business Administrator can also use the built-in admin account.

Information

Enter the following information to log in:

  • Team Portal - The subdomain for your Morro Account. You can also just enter the prefix for the subdomain of your Morro Account.
  • User name - The network user name created for your account. Note: The network user name is not the email address associated with the user's account.
  • Password - The password for the user's Morro account.
  • Remember Password (Optional) - Check this box to allow the application to open the shares without requiring the user to enter their Morro credentials again.
  • Settings icon - configure proxy.

Configure Proxy

Click the "Settings" icon to configure proxy.

If the customer's environment is not a proxy environment, no need to click the "Settings" icon. The default option of Configure Proxy is "No proxy".

If the customer's environment is a proxy environment, select "Manual proxy configuration", select Protocol, enter Address and Port then click OK. If the customer's proxy environment has set username and password, also need to enter username and password.