The Devices page shows the current status of all CacheDrives in your account and allows you to make configuration changes at the device level.

To change the configuration of a device, click on the device's row.

Each row contains information for a particular device:

  1. Queue status and firmware update availability indicator.  A down arrow will appear here when a firmware update is available.  Mouseover the queue status bubble (showing "13" in the screenshot above) to see a breakdown of pending requests by upsync and downsync queues.
  2. Device hostname, comment, and status indicator.  A green status indicator will appear when the device is working properly.  The full list of status indicator colors can be found here:

    How do I determine the status of my CacheDrive?

  3. Upload status for all sync shares on the device.
  4. Upload status for all replicate shares on the device.
  5. Upload status for all archive shares on the device.
  6. Download rate for the device.
  7. Expand view for the device.

Note: The gauges for #3-6 above show the transfer rate for the current file upload/download in progress.

The expanded view has additional information:

ModelModel name of the device. For example, CacheDrive G40.
Serial NoThe serial number of the device.
Firmware VersionThe version of the firmware installed on the device. When there is a newer version available, the downward pointed arrow icon will be displayed on the device icon. Mouse over the arrow icon to see the new version number.
LAN IP AddressThe IP address of the device on the local network. By default, the IPv6 format is displayed if available. The device also supports IPv4.
WAN IP AddressThe external IP address of the network the device is installed on over the Internet.
MAC AddressThe MAC address for the device in network communication.
UUIDThe unique identification number for the device.
Cache SizeThe size of the cache partition.
Unused Cache SpaceThe amount of storage in the cache that has not yet been used.
Writeable Cache SpaceThe amount of space in the cache that can be used for local file caching.
Root Volume SizeThe total partition size of space for device's root volume.
Root Volume Unused SpaceThe unused partition space for device's root volume.
Memory SizeThe size of device's memory.
Upload StatusDisplays current upload information and statistics.
Prefetch StatusDisplays current prefetch information and statistics.

Add Gateway

Click the Add Gateway button in the Devices page to add a new gateway (CacheDrive) to your account.


For more information on adding a gateway, please see the following article:

Devices - Add Gateway