One common error encountered during the Scan phase is filenames containing problematic characters.  For example, if your migration source files contain some of the illegal characters shown in the following article, the Scan phase may fail:

File Name and Path Limitations

In the Migration status page, you may see a screen like this:

Usually, the best course of action is to rename these files to fit valid filename requirements.  If you have a large number of files with illegal characters, however, this could be tedious and error-prone.

One possible solution is to use a PowerShell script to find and/or rename the files.  Attached is an example of a simple script which can be run on a Windows PC or server.  To find files with illegal filenames, run as follows:

./filenameFixer $path

where $path is the path to the migration source files.  This will produce a list of files that contain illegal characters and the suggested new name.  If your Migration Scan output shows files with other illegal characters, this can easily be added to the script.

To rename the files automatically, run the script as follows:

./filenameFixer dorename $path

For assistance with the script or renaming files for Migration, please contact Support.