There are two ways to log into Morro Cloud Manager:

To login as the Business Administrator, enable the "Login As Business Admin" checkbox.

To login as a Global Administrator or regular user, leave the "Login As Business Admin" checkbox unchecked.

Business Administrator

The user that created the account when signing up for Morro Cloud Storage is the Business Administrator. Only one Business Administrator is associated with each account. The Business Admin is a super user with access to every part of Morro Cloud Manager and is used to promote users to Global Admins and to manage the billing information and storage plans for the account.


Global Administrator

Global Admins can administer the Morro Cloud Manager including creating standard Users for the account. Global Admins do not have permission to promote users to Global Admin nor do they have permission to manage billing information or storage plans.

Standard User

Standard users have access to files on the Morro Cloud Manager. They can be created by either the Business Admin or Global Admins.