Accounts and billing accounts

In order to create an account, you need to purchase a CacheDrive. The CacheDrive is added to the account during account sign up. The account created during the Account Sign Up process is the business administrator. The business administrator is can view and change the billing information.

In order to view billing information, a user must be a global administrator or a business administrator. To become a global administrator, a business administrator must promote a standard user account. The business administrator can promote the user in the Account page under the section "Account Information".

View the billing information by logging in as a blobal or business administrato and go to the Account page.

Personal accounts and business accounts

There is only one type of account in Morro Cloud. N/A just here for placeholder.

Delegates for business administrator

The business administrator account is the only account that can modify billing information including adding a new credit card as a payment method. The