In Microsoft Entra ID mode, use the Group tab to view and import groups from Microsoft Entra ID.  Group management should be done in Microsoft Entra ID.


Note that the "Default Microsoft Entra ID Group" group is created by Morro and cannot be deleted. Our security schema requires that all users belong to at least one group (Primary Group), but Microsoft Entra ID allows the creation of users without a primary group. To work around this difference, the primary group is set to "Default Microsoft Entra ID Group" for all users.  Groups defined in Microsoft Entra ID are also imported and can be used for security settings (NTACL and Share Access).

Import Groups

Import groups to make them available when managing share access restrictions.

To import groups:

  1. Select the group(s) from the list and click "Import".
  2. To filter the list of groups, enter a search string in the "Filter by name" field.  To filter out a set of groups, enter a search string in the "Filter by name" field and select "exclude".

View Group

Click on a group to view the group settings.