User Permissions can be applied to files and folders through the Windows File Explorer interface. The permissions applied to a folder, sub-folder, or files on one CacheDrive will be synchronized to all other CacheDrives that have access to the share.

Note: User and Group permissions for the share are handled in the Team Portal. Please refer to article: Manage Shares - Sync


Set User and Group Permissions

Setting the user and group permissions is the same regardless of the type of identity management mode (Users, Active Directory or Azure AD) selected for the account. The identity management mode will determine from where the users are loaded and in what format the usernames will be displayed.

Setting permissions is done in the Advanced Security Settings window for the folder which can be accessed by the Security tab in the Properties of a folder.

Access the Advance Security Settings window

  • Browse to a Share in Windows Explorer
  • Right click a folder and choose Properties
  • Click the Security tab
  • Click Advanced

Manage Permissions

To manage permissions, the folder security settings need to be prepped. 

1. Change Inheritance policy

  • Click Disable Inheritance
    A popup titled "Block Inheritance" will appear.

  • Choose "Convert inherited permissions into explicit permissions on this object".