Morro Data devices use the following outbound ports:

443 (TCP)HTTPSYesUsed to communicate with the Morro Cloud server and Cloud Storage and Services Providers, like Wasabi and Amazon S3.  Also required for proxy support (experimental).
123 (UDP)NTPYesNetwork Time Protocol server for time synchronization.
22 (TCP)SSHNoSecure Shell access to the device for support.  See additional notes below.
389 (UDP+TCP)LDAPNoRequired for LDAP authentication support.
636 (UDP+TCP)
LDAPNoRequired for LDAP over SSL authentication support.
53 (UDP+TCP)
DNSNoOnly needed if DNS server is external.

When opening a port for SSH access, set the source IP to the IP address of the CacheDrive.  Destination can be set to "Any", but for additional security, use the value "".