The bill for your Morro Data service plan consists of three parts:

  1. Access Fee
  2. Cloud Storage usage
  3. Download usage

For more information on the standard features of your selected service plan, please see the Plans page:

For more information about specific charges or rates when plan limits are exceeded, please contact your Account Manager.

Access Fee

This is the standard fee for your Morro Account including all of the features available in your selected plan.  

Cloud Storage

Each service plan comes standard with a set allotment of cloud storage space.  If this limit is exceeded, additional fees may apply based on the overage.

Note that deleted files will continue to consume cloud storage space until they are purged.  If a storage pool is configured to keep many previous versions, these previous versions may also consume a significant amount of cloud storage space.


Service plans include a certain amount of data download (or egress) from cloud storage per month.  If this limit is exceeded, additional fees may apply on a per-GB basis.

Note that local downloads from a CacheDrive are not counted against the download fee, only downloads from cloud storage.  This includes downloading an out-of-cache file into a CacheDrive, pre-fetching files, etc.  If multiple CacheDrives pull the same file from the cloud, each download will count towards the fee separately.  For example, if a 1 GB file is downloaded by five CacheDrives, 5 GB will be counted towards the limit.