The bill for your Morro Data service plan consists of three parts:

  1. Access Fee
  2. Cloud Storage usage
  3. Download usage

1. Access fee

There is an access fee (service plan) for each CacheDrive added to your account with a minimum fee for no CacheDrives. The amount of the Access Fee is based on the number CacheDrives you have deployed in your account. There are currently three tiers for the access fee. The amount of the access fee is automatically  assigned based on the number of devices added to your account and is prorated by the number of days in a month the devices are in your account.

Service plan
CloudDrive CloudNAS CloudNAS Business CloudNAS Enterprise
Access Fee
$29 per year*     $10 per month $89 per month $149 per month
# of CacheDrives
1 Up to 2 Up to 5 Up to 500

*CloudDrive is billed annually.

2. Cloud storage

When your storage exceeds the 1TB included with the plan, the storage fee is $39 per TB each month. The extra storage capacity (beyond 1TB) is charged proportionally based on $39 per Terabyte per month.

3. Download

The download usage (egress) is the amount of data downloaded from the Morro Cloud Storage to the CacheDrive. When you open files cached on the CacheDrive, you are not downloading them from the Morro Cloud Storage.

The account includes 1TB of egress per month. After you have downloaded more than 1TB in a month, the download fee is $0.09 per GB downloaded


A company called LevLO has one office location and purchased one Morro Cachedrive and signed up for a Morro account. LevLO will be assigned the Single plan. As part of LevLO's account, they have 1TB cloud storage and 1TB of download for $39 per month as the access fee.

In one of the months, LevLO used 2TB of cloud storage and downloaded 1.1TB data from the Morro Cloud Solution. The billing for that cycle is $87 calculated as: (39+39+9 =87)

  • $39 for the 1TB more than the included 1TB of cloud storage capacity
  • $39 for the access fee for one CacheDrive in the account.
  • $9 for downloading 100GBmore than the included 1TB of download at $0.09/GB