Use the Apps page to access and configure applications and add-ons available in the Morro Data system.

Some of the available apps include:

  • SharePoint Sync - Two-way sync for your SharePoint document library and a share on a CacheDrive.
  • Dropbox and OneDrive ECHO - Two-way sync for files stored on Dropbox or OneDrive and a share on a CacheDrive.
  • Slack - Use Slack for Morro system event notification.
  • Morro Audit - Track CacheDrive usage.  This app is included with the Enterprise and Design Collaboration plans, so please contact your Account Manager if you do not see it available here.
  • Morro VPN - Configure VPN access to CacheDrives in the Cloud.
  • Morro Migrate - Simplify and automate the data on-boarding process with our Migration app.  To access this app, please contact your Account Manager.