Use the Files page to access shares and files from MCM.

Files and folders can be shown in one of three colors based on their ACL settings for the user:

  • Grey - Read/write
  • Orange - Read-only
  • Red - No Access

Business Administrators will always have access to files and folders regardless of their ACL settings.  Global administrators will have access to all files and folders regardless of their ACLs if the "Do not allow GA to access all files as admin" option is unchecked on the Account page, otherwise, they will be treated as regular users.

If a file is locked, it will appear with the following icon:

Mouse over the icon for more information about the file lock.  Locked files can still be opened read-only or downloaded by other users.

Navigation Bar

Use the Navigation Bar to navigate to parent folders, view deleted files, refresh the file listing, and filter the files shown.


Team Portal Files options have been separated into two types: File operations and File management, we use “||” to separate the two options.

  • File operations: Create Folder, Upload File, Download, Share Link, Rename, Copy, Move, Delete, Edit Security.
  • File management: Manage Versions, Manage Caching, Purge, Location History. 

All users can use File operations options according to the user's permission. 

Only admins can use File Management options. BA needs to allow/disallow GA to use File Managements options with the "Do not allow GA to manage all files as admin" option on MCM - Account - User Preferences.

Create Folder

Enter the folder name to create a new folder.

Upload File

To upload a file, click "Select File" to use your operating system's file browser or drag and drop files into the upload box.  Some limitations:

  • Only one file may be uploaded at a time.
  • The maximum file size for web upload is 96 MB.

Manage Versions

For more information on managing versions, please see the following articles:

Manage Versions by File

Manage Versions by Share/Folder


Select a file and click Download to download the selected file.  Some limitations:

  • Only one file may be downloaded at a time.
  • The maxim*
  • File download is only supported with Amazon S3 cloud backends.

Share Link

For more information on sharing a file with a link, please see the following article:

Share Link


Select a file or folder and click Rename to rename it.


Select a folder or one or more files and click Copy/Move to copy/move them to a new location.  Folders can only be moved within a share.

Manage Caching

For more information on Manage Caching, please see the following article:

Manage Caching


Select a folder or one or more files and click Delete to delete them.  Deleted files can be recovered using Manage Versions and will continue to use cloud storage until they are purged.


Select a folder or one or more files and click Purge to permanently delete them.  This will free up the cloud storage space used by the files or folder.  Note that purged files cannot be recovered.