In this article we discussed how to login to Morro Cloud Manager as a standard User.

Once login with User name and Password,  you will be able to see a Dashboard page and a Files page on the Morro Cloud Manger (Team Portal).

User's Dashboard

In Dashboard page you can see the Message from you Admin, review information about your team, the Gateway, and Shares that your admin has set up for you to access.

Here is an example shows user "Tom's" Dashboard page


Note the Green dot on the Share Icon indicate Tom has full-access permission.

Files page

In Files page, you can see the Shares that you have access permission to. Click on a Share to explore the folders and files in that Share. With full-access (read and write) Share permission, you can add files and create folders in that Share.

Here is an example showing three Shares that "Tom" has access to.


For example, click on Share "Backup" which you have both Read and Write permission then you can upload files or create folders under that Share.