You can update the device firmware from anywhere you have access to a web browser.

When a new firmware is available, the administrators will be alerted to the new firmware in two places in the Team Portal: the DASHBOARD page and the DEVICES page.


The pop-up window will appear when administrators view the DASHBOARD page.

firmware shoutout

Close the window by clicking "Close" or the "x" in the upper right corner. Continue and got to the DEVICES page.


Each device will show that a download is available with the firmware update icon when the device is not updated to the latest firmware.


Update the Firmware

Note: The device has to be powered on and connected to the network to update the firmware.

Step 1:

Open the device detail page by clicking on the device for which you want to update the firmware.

Step 2:

Click the MAINTENANCE button to open the device maintenance menu.

maintenance menu

Step 3:

A pop-up window will appear asking you to verify that you want to perform the firmware update. Click FIRMWARE UPDATE to start the process.
firmware confirm

The system will begin downloading the firmware to the device. Once the download is complete, the device will automatically install the firmware and reboot itself to complete the process.

The device will show the following status icons during the firmware update process:

1. Installing Firmware

firmware install

2. Rebooting Firmware

firmware reboot

Once the update is completed, the device will show the on-line status.

device normal

Note: This process may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.