The Maintenance menu in the Devices - General tab allows you to perform maintenance on the device.

  • Update - Update device firmware to a new version. This option only appears when there is a newer firmware version.
  • Restart SMB - Restarts the SMB service on the device.
  • Kill SMB Connection - Terminate SMB connection that takes too much resource.
  • Cancel Prefetch - Remove all remaining prefetch requests in the CacheDrive, but the file which is being fetched will be fetched completely.
  • Reboot - Perform a safe reboot.
  • Shutdown - Perform a safe shutdown.
  • Delete - Deletes the device from the Morro Account.
  • Diagnostics - Open the diagnostics page.
  • Start CiC - For CiC (Morro-deployed CacheDrive in Cloud), use this option to start or restart a CiC virtual machine.  This is useful in cases where the device is powered off or unresponsive and needs to be hard reset. This option only appears when CiC is offline.


You can schedule a time for a firmware update. A firmware update will always include a reboot.

Kill SMB Connection

You can sort SMB connections by memory usage or by CPU usage. You can filter connections by username, share or client machine. You can select one or multiple connections to terminate. You can kill all connections to a share, or all connections from one machine.


Rebooting the device may help resolve some temporary issues. You can also set a schedule for reboot time.


You can shut down the CacheDrive with a schedule.


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