Once set up your Morro Account, you may create Shares and User Accounts for immediate storage access.

A Share is a folder which can be accessed from Windows, Mac, or other clients using SMB protocol. A default share named GlobalShare1 is created by the system automatically. As the Business Admin, you can create more shares according to your business needs.

Create Shares:

1. Login to Morro Cloud Manager, go to FILE SYSTEM page

2. Click on "Create Share" in the upper left.

3. In the Create Share panel, enter share the Name and optional Comment.

Select the Pool in which to create the share, then the Share Type.

Enable Guest Access if required, then click Create.

Create User Accounts

Each team member needs an User Account to use the Morro Cloud StorageĀ via the Morro Gateway on the LAN or the cloud-based Team Portal.

1. Go to TEAM page in Morro Cloud Manager and select USER sub page from the the top.

2. Click on "Create User" in the upper left.

3. In the Create User panel, enter the Network User name, Full name, Email, and select a primary and optional secondary groups for this User. Then click "Create User".

4. The created User then will be listed in Team/User page with "pending" status. You may repeat step 2 and 3 to create more Users.

The newly created User will receive an email for account creation verification. The user needs to follow the link in the email and create his/her own password.

5. Once the user finishes the email verification, the User Account creation process is completed.

The User now can access the Morro Cloud Storage via Team Portal. Read User Login with User Name... for more.