Here is an explanation of some of the terms commonly used with Morro Edge.

Core LAN (C-LAN)

- A LAN containing corporate resources that should be available to devices on the E-LANs, such as an AD server, license server, etc.  This can exist in the cloud (such as Azure) or in a physical office.

Edge LAN (E-LAN)

- A secure, isolated LAN that is routeable to the Core LAN.  For example, a set of PCs connected to a switch that is connected to the E-LAN port on an HC device would form an E-LAN.  These PCs will be able to access the resources in the C-LAN.  Morro Edge setups will generally have multiple E-LANs and a smaller number of C-LANs.

Site LAN (S-LAN)

- The non-Morro Edge network of a LAN that is routeable to the Internet.  For example, in a home office, the S-LAN may consist of all devices attached directly to the router.

Regional WAN (R-WAN)

- The WAN containing all Core and Edge devices that make up a Morro Edge system.  Currently, each account is limited to one R-WAN.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) or Compute Elements

- Morro Edge devices can be configured with VDI, which is a copy of Windows 10 Pro running in a VM on the device.  Users can access the Windows VM using RDP and treat it as a full Windows PC with access to the Morro Edge network.  This may also be referred to as Compute or Compute Elements.

WAN Gateway

- The gateway that routes network traffic to the R-WAN hub.