Managing versions by share or folder allows you to restore a share or folder to a state from a previous point in time.

To manage versions by share or folder, select a share or folder and click "Manage Versions".

manage versions

The following options are available:

  • Share Name (only available when managing versions by share) - A new share will be created using this name and will contain the contents of the original share at the specified point in time.
  • Select Gateway - Select which gateway will be used to process the restore.
  • Only Recover the Last Version - If this option is enabled, only the latest version of each file that exists at the specified point in time will be restored.  

    Note: If this option is disabled, all versions of the files that existed at the specified point in time will be restored.  Depending on the versioning settings for the pool, this could restore a virtually unlimited number of version files.  This can consume a large amount of gateway and cloud storage and may take a very long time to process.

  • Timezone - The timezone of the specified time and date.
  • Select Date and Select Time - Use these settings to specify the point in time of the desired restore state.  For example, if you would like to restore the share or folder to its previous state at January 1, 2020 at 1:00 PM PST, make sure the time zone is set to PST (America/Los_Angeles), then select January 1, 2020 in the Select Date field and 1:00 PM in the Select Time field.

Click Recover to begin the process.

For share recovery, a new share with permissions set to Read-only on the Team Portal is created with the name specified in the Share Name field.  For folder recovery, a new folder with the original folder name and an appended timestamp is created.

Only one share or folder recovery may be processed at a time. Check the progress bar (upper right corner of the Files page) to see the status of the current recovery process.


  • Requires Business Administrator or Global Administrator permissions.
  • Only one share or folder recovery can run at a time.
  • Individual files can still be recovered when during a share or folder recovery.
  • Manage versions is not supported if the share is mapped to SharePoint Sync or ECHO.
  • Share and folder recovery are not supported from Morro Connect.