Here are some common error messages you may see in the logs, what they mean, and what you should do about them.

MessageWhat It MeansWhat You Should Do
Reading from/Writing to storage 'MyStorage' (wasabi-s3) failed with err='-1' in 'MyCacheDrive'.
Failed attempt when trying to read from or write to cloud storage.
If you receive many of these over a short period of time and the cloud backend is behaving normally, contact Support.  Occasional instances of this message is expected.
Account 'MyAccount' gateway 'MyCacheDrive' suspends/resumes requests to share 'MyShare' at Jan 1 2020 7:00 am (UTC).
Multiple failed attempts at reading or writing to cloud storage.  The device will wait a while before attempting again, then resume access when successful.If access has been suspended for several hours without a resume, contact Support.