The Team page allows you to manage users and groups and to set the authentication mechanism for your Morro Data account.

The available settings for users and groups depend on the current authentication mode.  For more information about the available authentication modes, see the following article:

Team - Authentication

Please see the following table for articles on managing users and groups for various authentication modes.

Authentication ModeUsersGroups
Morro UsersTeam - User (Morro Users Mode)
Team - Group (Morro Users Mode)
Active Directory (AD)Team - User (Active Directory Mode)
Team - Group (Active Directory Mode)
Microsoft Entra ID (ME-ID)Team - User (Microsoft Entra ID Mode)
Team - Group (Microsoft Entra ID Mode)
Microsoft Entra Domain Services (ME-ID DS)
Team - User (Microsoft Entra Domain Services Mode)
Team - Group (Microsoft Entra Domain Services Mode)
Team - User (LDAP Mode)
Team - Group (LDAP Mode)