When using Azure AD DS for authentication, the following steps must be taken to access a share:

  1. Change your Office 365 password.  This is required by Microsoft to sync your AD password with Azure AD DS.
  2. Access the share using a properly formatted login name if required (see below).

Change Your Office 365 Password

For more information on changing your Office 365 password, see the following article:


Accessing a Share

If your PC is not joined to the domain, use "$login_name@$domain name" or "$domain_name\$login_name".  For example, if your login name is john.doe and your domain name is mycompany.com, use "john.doe@mycompany.com" or "mycompany.com\john.doe" as the login.

If your PC is joined to the domain, you can access the share without additional login (single sign-on).

Additional Azure AD DS Information

For more information on Azure AD DS, see the following article: