Across industries, business leaders are looking to technology investments to drive business growth, innovation, and better user experiences.

Today the SMB’s are still facing major obstacles to embrace cloud storage. Some of the challenges are slow access speed, latency issue, lack of control, and risk of security breach. Those issues become major hold-ups for SMB’s to fully realize the benefit of cloud.

At Morro, our vision is to help businesses migrate data to the cloud with a global architecture while maintaining the same level of performance and compatibility as local file servers.

Morro has developed the world’s first cluster-based cloud storage gateway architecture for SMB. Files are stored in the cloud, cached in the gateway, and synced globally. It’s the best of both worlds – cloud reliability with local performance. Based on innovative xCache technology, Morro provides cost-effective global file storage with simplicity, scalability, and high-performance fast access. Morro cloud storage gateway is a simple-to-use yet powerful global storage solution for businesses of all sizes.