The articles contains the current capacities for the Morro System.


Number of Users: 999 per site, please inquire for larger sites

Number of Groups: 999

Number of Shares: 99, please inquire for more shares

Number of Pools: 99

Cloud Storage

The system can handle any amount of cloud storage. For performance purposes, we recommend a 10:1 ratio for storage resulting in 10TB of cloud storage for each CacheDrive.

File Size

For the CacheDrive, the maximum file size is the limited by the amount of available cache storage on the drive.

For the Team Portal, the file total size for upload is 1GB, total number is 100, single file size is 96MB. The maximum file size for download and share link is 10GB total or 100 files or folder can selected at one time. All files management (restore version and delete) is still available on the Team Portal even if the file is greater than 96MB.

For Morro Connect, the maximum file size for upload and download is 20GB total or 1000 files (depending on which you hit first) per job. For example, you can only upload 1 x 20GB file or 1000 x 20MB files.

Path Length

Windows Limit: 255 characters

Linux Limit: 255 bytes

Web Team Portal

Upload Limit: total size are 1GB, total number are 100 files, and single file size is 96MB

Download/Share link limit: total size are 10GB, can selected 100 files or folders one time

Morro Connect Team Portal

Upload and Download Limit: 20 GB or 1000 files

Access Available to AWS S3, Wasabi, Backblaze and Azure Blob