Access files from web browser based Team Portal made easy for users who are out of office (not connected to the office Local Area Network) to work with Morro Cloud Storage.

Follow the URL of your Team Portal https://[your_team] and go to "FILES". You will be able to locate your shares, folders and files detailed with owner, size, and latest versioning time stamp.

Click on the "Extra" icon (three vertical dots) yiy34spzkuvQ01HTQ7BcxYqGykXMuYiMUw.png  you will be able to take more file operations including Restore Version, Download, Rename, and Delete.


Note that your browser-based file access is limited. Connect to local network in your office to fully take the advantage of Morro Gateway for performance, security, and accessibility.
Performance: your access is limited to your connection bandwidth without CacheDrive for performance acceleration.

Security: you admins can set up access permissions so that some business critical files can not be accessed via web portal.

Accessibility: the file size limit is 96MB for download/upload via web based Team Portal.

The following browsers are supported:

Chrome v.49 or newer, Firefox v45 or newer, IE 9 or newer, Safari 7 or newer.

Read this article for more details regarding Files in Morro Cloud Manager.