In a multi-user environment, one common issue is that a user may move or reorganize files without informing others.  Here are some ways to find these "missing" files.

Windows File Explorer Search

The simplest way to find a missing file is to use the search feature from Windows File Explorer.

There are a couple of caveats to keep in mind:

  1. After completing a search, the Search tab will appear with an Advanced Options dropdown.  File contents and Zipped (compressed) folders should never be enabled because it may force the CacheDrive to download all files from the cloud.  If the amount of data not in cache is large, this can take a very long time (possibly weeks if there are multiple terabytes that are out of cache) and cost additional cloud egress fees.

  2. Windows File Explorer search cannot search for previous versions of files (for example, if the file was renamed) or deleted files.  To search for previous versions of files, use the Team Portal file browser with "show deleted files" enabled. 

Searching for Missing Folders

Missing folders can be difficult to find, especially if they've also been renamed.

One tip that has helped several users find renamed folders is to search for unique or uncommon files that belong in that folder.

For example, let's say you're searching for a folder that was previously named Accounting but has been moved and possibly renamed.  If you know the folder contains a file named "Accounting Report 4/22/21.xls", then searching for the file will give better search results than the folder name.  You may find that the search returns several folders containing the file, but it should lead you to the folder you're looking for.

Contact Support

If all else fails, Morro Support can search for files and folders from the backend, including previous versions and deleted files.  If you're looking for a file, provide us with the last known full path to the file.  If it's a folder you're looking for, provide us with the last known location and the name of a file that should exist in the folder.