The File System page shows you the structure of your Morro Cloud Storage.  Here, you can view the hierarchy of existing Cloud Storage Groups, pools, and shares and create new ones if needed.

To reach the File System page, click on File System in the left side navigation menu.

A Cloud Storage Group is a collection of storage pools that exist in a single cloud storage account.  For example, you may have one or more storage accounts with Amazon S3 and one or more storage accounts with BackBlaze.  Each of these accounts can be used with your Morro Account as a separate Cloud Storage Group.

A pool is a collection of shares with the same set of properties. The properties of a pool consist of its name, version control settings, and perfetch settings. You can only delete a pool when all of the shares in the pool are removed.

A share is the top level folder on a network that can be mapped by a client. Shares contain the files and folders that comprise your data.

Below is an example of a File System page including two parts Shares and Storages:

Shares part including pool and share.

Storages part just list all Cloud Storage.

In this example, the one of the Cloud Storage Group is "Morro Cloud", the pool is "Nanjing Pool".  "newshare1" is one of the shares in "Nanjing Pool".