After creating an account, let's get familiar with some of the basic parts of the solution. Understanding how to do these simple pieces is the key to getting the most out of your solution.

In order to use your Morro Solution, you need to connect to your CacheDrive and add files to your shares. You can do this by following these two steps:

When you created your account in CloudNAS Business or CloudNAS Enterprise, the system added a default share to your account called GlobalShare1. We will connect to this share and copy some files to that folder. For CSG and BYOS users, you will first need to create your File System.

Note: By default, the system creates the GlobalShare1 with Read/Write Permission. You need to create at least one user in the system in order to access that share.

Step 1. Create Your File System (BYOS or Cloud File System only)

If you're using BYOS or Cloud File System (CFS) plan, you first need to create the File System including a Cloud Storage Group, Storage Pool, and Share.

Step 2. Access your local network shared folder

CacheDrive enables you to access your cloud files through the local network. When you created your account, you gave your gateway a name. The gateway name is used to access the local network shared folder. In addition to the gateway name, the system created your first shared folder and called it GlobalShare1. The share folder is accessible to everyone using a guest account by default.

Access shared folder on PC

If you're logged into a Windows PC, access the share by opening the Run window by typing "Win+R" or going to "Start->Run". In the Run window, type \\your_gateway_name\GlobalShare1. For example, if your gateway is named "mygateway", then type "\\mygateway\GlobalShare1" in the run window and click OK


Note: If the same network username and password is used in Morro Data as in your Windows login, the system will not prompt the user for their credentials. Otherwise, Windows will prompt you for valid credentials to access the share.

A Windows Explorer window will open at the location of the network share.


For more information on accessing your shared folder on PC, please see the article How to Access Your Gateway - PC.

Access shared folder on Mac

If you're logged into a Mac, access the share by opening the Connect to Server window by typing "command+K" and typing "smb://your_gateway_name/GlobalShare1" in the "Server Address" field. For example, if your gateway is named "mygateway", then type "smb://mygateway/GlobalShare1" and click Connect.


When prompted for your name and password for "mygateway", choose "Guest" and click Connect.


Note: If the system will not prompt the user for their credentials regardless if Guest Access is enabled. Morro Data strongly recommends using a Registered username and password to access the share at all time.

A new Finder window will open with at the network share folder.


For more information on how to connect to the network shared folder on Mac, please see the article How to Access Your Gateway - Mac

Step 3. Add your files to a share

Place a file in the share. By storing files in the network share, you can begin sharing files with team members and users outside your organization, you will save space on your computer's hard drive, and you will have all your data backed up

Copy files to a Share on a Mac

Copy files to a Share on a PC

Next Steps

Once the Quick Start has been completed, check out the Getting My Business Setup article for a tutorial on how to configure the system to meet the needs of your business.