If your CacheDrive is unable to boot or is offline, here are a few things to try:

  1. Verify that the power cable and network cable are attached properly at both ends.

  2. If the CacheDrive is a physical device, check the power LED to make sure the device is turned on.  If the CacheDrive is a virtual device, check the VM manager and verify that the VM is running.

  3. If you are trying to add the device to your account, try rebooting the device again to enter discovery mode.  A device will only be discoverable for 8 hours after boot.

  4. Get the local IP address of the device in MCM->Devices, then try pinging the device with a PC on the same network.

  5. Try rebooting the device.

  6. Connect a monitor to the device (if it's a physical CacheDrive) or open the console (for a VM) and reboot it.  Take a video of the screen during the boot process until the device reboots or powers off.  If you cannot create a video, a screen capture just before the device reboots itself or shuts down may suffice.  See below for more information.

Console Screenshots

Initial Booting Screen

Below is an example of the console early in the booting process.  Normally, the initialization process should last less than two minutes but will timeout with an error message if it does not complete in 15 minutes.

Boot Finished Screen

When the boot process is finished, you should see a screen similar to below.

Discovery Mode Screen

Below is an example of a VM in discovery mode.  Once the 8 hour discovery window has passed, the device must be rebooted to put it back into discovery mode.

Contacting Support

If the device still does not boot properly, contact Morro Support.  Please include the console video or screenshot in your support request if possible to expedite the resolution.