Workflow for managing Revit projects on CacheDrives

Revit uses a Central Model feature for sharing projects from a centralized file server on-premises. With Morro Data, the CacheDrives can perform as a NAS on a local network and remote networks via the Global File Share.

Steps to use Revit Central Model

Create the work project:

  • Enable pre-fetch for Share in Morro Data that will host the Revit Central Model files
  • Create a new project and Save, or with an existing project use a Save As.
  • In the Save As dialog, rename the file and click Options
  • In the File Save Options dialog, select “Make this a Central Model after save”
  • Select a default workset for local copies. (you can choose how you want to do this)
  • Click Save.

When opening a project:

  • Click R->Open
  • Browse to the location of the central model
  • Select the central model
  • Under Worksharing, verify that “Create New Local” is selected.
  • Click Open

When closing a project:

  • You will need to use the Synchronize with Central tool to merge changes into the central modal.
  • Click the Collaborate tab and go to the Synchronize Panel.
  • In the Synchronize with Central drop-down, choose “Synchronize Now”.
  • You can verify the Central Model location and choose “Save Local File before and after synchronizing with central”.

For now, the extra step is to have to “Create New Local”. The other thing to be aware of is that if you don’t synch with central often, you may get out of sync which is difficult to merge afterwards.