Note: This article covers Dashboard page for Users. Go here for Standard User's Dashboard.

Accessing the Team Portal (https://{team_URL} as Business Admin (or Global Admin) will land on Morro Cloud Manager with Dashboard page first.

The Dashboard page includes information about your Morro Cloud Storage setup and usage including Data Stored, Top Shares, Top Users, Data Transfer, and File System and Gateway diagram.

Navigate the Menu

Use the side Menu to navigate the functional Pages of Morro Cloud Manager.

Your Team name is displayed under the Morro logo on top of the side menu. The top-level Pages include:

Dashboard - overview of your Morro Cloud Storage
File System - manage storage file system including Pools and Shares
Devices - dedicated to Gateway, xCache Expansion unit and Clusters
Team - Users and Groups
Apps - 3rd party application integration
Files - Web based file browser
Logs - all system logs
Morro Connect App for simple network share access. (Not visible to Business Administrators)

Header Bar

The blue header bar shows the title of functional Page. It also hosts buttons for Support Request, Help, Notification, the current login User Profile Management.

Provides online help for the page you visit currently.
When new messages become available the button will be marked with orange dot and numbers indicating number of new messages.

Click the "Bell" button to view the system messages in the Notification Panel.

Close the Panel by clicking the X button or anywhere out of the Panel.
Acknowledge by clicking the acknowledge button. Once done that, the message will be cleared from the Panel and the the Notification button goes back to normal.  The message will also be logged in the system Logs.

The example below shows new notification messages


Click the "Bell" button to open the Notification Panel for review and acknowledge the messages.


Note the message icon and color indicates the severity level which matches that in the Logs page -4u0KTtXEITKVv2AIA62UA7cl1620261DSg.png

User Menu

Access the User Profile menu by clicking the username on the right side of the header.


The User Menu contains the following options:

  • Profile
  • Account
  • About
  • Sign Out


Click the Profile Icon from the drop-down menu to manage User Profile.

In this General Info box, you can change the Full Name, Email address, and Password.


In the Preference box, you can select Language, Time Zone, and opt in to receive System Alert Notifications.


Data Summaries

The following sections contain metrics about the data in the system.

  • Data Stored
  • Top Shares
  • Top Users
  • Data Transfer
  • Data History

Cloud Storage Gateway

Select the cloud storage gateway for which you want to view the data summaries.

If you have more than one cloud storage group, you can choose to view the storage statistics for the specific cloud storage group. Choose "ALL" to see the combined statistics.

Data Stored

The Data Stored chart shows the total amount of storage users copied to the system and how much total storage is actually stored in the cloud.

Your Data (in blue) shows the amount of storage users have copied to the Morro Data system. This number does not include deduplication and compression and excludes versions.

You pay for (in purple) shows the amount of storage stored in the cloud and is calculated after deduplication and compression and includes versions. Accounts are only billed for the data actually stored in the cloud. The section shows how efficient the deduplication and compression works to reduce your storage amount.  

Top Shares

The Top Shares chart shows the top shares in the list with a circular graph of the percentages for which used the most Morro Cloud Storage capacity.


Top Users

The Top Users chart shows the top users in the list with a circular graph of the percentages of who used the most Morro Cloud Storage capacity.


Data Transfer

The Data Transfer chart shows the amount of data being downloaded (green bar) and uploaded (blue bar) in the current period and previous period. Periods are defined as 30 days and 24 hours. You can mouse over the chat to view details.



Data History

The Data History Chats shows the Total Capacity used, Upload, Download over time. The X-Axis represent time and Y-Axis is for Upload (blue bar), Download (green bar), and Total Capacity (blue line). You can mouse over the chat to view details or zoom in the chat by click-n-drag selecting a time period.


File System and Gateways

The chart shows the logical connection of the Global File System and accessibility including the Morro Cloud Storage, Storage Pools, Shares, and Gateway Access Permission.

In the example below, you can see that Cloud Storage Group "Morro Cloud" has a Storage Pool called "Corporate". The "Corporate Storage Pool" has Shares called "Accounting", "Design" , "Engineering", etc. Also we see that the CacheDrive "SanFrancisco" has Read/Write access to the shares "Accounting" and "Engineering" and Read-Only access to the share "Design".