Use the Files page to access your files and see device information.

Device Information

Use the status LED icon next to the device name to see the device's online/offline status.

Green dot = online

Gray dot = offline

The device icon indicates whether or not the device is on the same local network as the client.

Same local network:

Different network:

Connecting to a Share

To connect to a share, select a device and click on the down arrow to expand it.  Devices that are not available on the local network will have a red no access symbol in the lower left corner of the device icon.

Once the device entry is expanded, you will see a list of available shares for the logged in user.  Click on a share to connect to it. Once the connection has been established, a Windows Explorer window will open at the root of the share.

The colored dot next to the share name indicates the type of access permission the connected user has to access the share.

  • Green dot = Read/Write permissions
  • Orange dot = Read permissions

You can also access shares remotely (over the Internet) by clicking Team Portal.  For more information, see the following article:

Team Portal