Use the "Manage Versions" by file feature to restore a previous version of a file.

To manage versions by file, select a file and click "Manage Versions". A page appears showing the file's previous names, versions, and who modified the file. 

Mouse over the file's old versions to see more file info. 

  • Size: File size.
  • Modified: File modified time.
  • Version Date: Sync to cloud time for new version created or file contents changed.
  • Metadata Modified: Sync to cloud time for metadata changes.
  • Operation Time (File): Insert to queue time for user file content changes.
  • Operation Time (meta): Insert to queue time for user metadata changes.

Select a file version and click Recover. The recovered file will appear in the folder with the original filename and a timestamp appended.

The color of the previous version's filename shows what access and operations are available for the version: 

  • Grey - Read/write, which can be recovered and deleted.
  • Orange - Read-only, which can be recovered but cannot be deleted.
  • Red - No Access, and cannot be recovered and deleted.