Note: This article covers Dashboard page for Administrators. Go here for The Dashboard - Administrators.

The Dashboard page includes information about your Morro Cloud Storage.


Navigation Menu

Use the Navigation Menu on the left side of the screen to navigate to different sections of the Morro Cloud Manager.

Your Team name is displayed under the Morro logo on top of the menu. The sections include:

Screen%20Shot%202016-10-18%20at%204.21.52%20PM.pngDashboard - Overview of your Morro Cloud Storage
Screen%20Shot%202016-10-18%20at%204.20.36%20PM.pngFiles - Web-based file browser.
Screen%20Shot%202016-10-18%20at%204.18.36%20PM.pngMorro Connect App for simple network share access.

Header Bar

The blue header bar contains buttons for context-sensitive Help, Notification, and the logged in user's Account Management.


Provides online help for the current page.


When new messages become available the button will be marked with orange dot and numbers indicating number of new messages.  Click the button to see the notifications.

User Menu

Access the User Profile menu by clicking the username on the right side of the header.


The User Menu contains the following options:

  • Profile
  • About
  • Sign Out

Message from Team Administrator

This box shows messages from your Team Administrator.

Below is an example of the Team Admin's message to users.


Team Information

The box shows the Team Name, Team Portal, Team Administrators' Emails and Names, and your group membership.



This section lists the Team's CacheDrives available in the local network.  Mouseover a CacheDrive to get the IP address and status text.

Note: If the CacheDrives and PC accessing MCM use different protocols (IPv4 and IPv6), the CacheDrive will be displayed as inaccessible even if they are on the same network.

In this example below, the Gateway "London" is available for you to access as you are in the same office location. 


The Business Administrator can choose to make inaccessible gateways visible to users.  In the example below, the user does not have access to the CacheDrive "SanFrancisco".

The green dot indicates that the CacheDrive is online.  If a Gateway is offline (powered off, no network connection, etc.) the grey dot will appear.


This section lists the available shares.  A green dot indicates that you have Read/Write permission to the share, while an orange dot indicates Read-Only access. Inaccessible shares have a red dot.

In this example, the "Accounting" share is Read-only for this user account. The user has Read/Write access to the "Backup" and "Design" shares.  The "Engineering" and "HR" shares are not accessible by this user.