Copying files to the CacheDrive is very slow and below the expected rate on the given network. 


This issue can be caused by a problem with the network adapter, network environment, or hard drive drivers.

Use the following steps to help determine the cause of the problem.

  1. First thing to do is to make sure the physical network is working properly. Try copying files to and from other devices. 
  2. Once the problem is isolated to the CacheDrive, make sure the network configuration is properly configured for the CacheDrive.
    1. If using a hardware CacheDrive from Morro Data, please check with Morro Data support to ensure the CacheDrive network is working properly. If it's not working properly and is determined to be caused by a hardware manufacture defect, please file an RMA if hardware is still under warranty.
    2. If using a virtual machine, check the virtual machine host to ensure the physical network is behaving correctly.

In some cases, with the virtual host, we have found that the right drivers are not installed. With VMWare, there are instances where the wrong SATA driver is being used.


For VMWare related issues:

To resolve these issues with VMWare, please use the following commands in the VMWare CLI.

esxcli system module load -m ahci
esxcli system module load -m e1000e
esxcli system module set --enabled=false --module=ne1000
esxcli system module set --enabled=false --module=e1000
esxcli system module set --enabled=false --module=vmw_ahci

These disable the ne1000 and e1000 driver. It also disables the native VM AHCI driver and should have your system use the SATA AHCI driver instead. Here is a link with some explanation. for the possible issue.