Use LDAP mode to use an LDAP server for authentication.  We recommend using JumpCloud for LDAP as a service.

For more information on JumpCloud integration, see the following article:

JumpCloud Integration (LDAP mode)

The available options are:

  • LDAP Server Address - The FQDN of the LDAP server.
  • Base DN - The base DN for your organization.
  • LDAP Bind DN - The DN of the user account used to connect to LDAP.
  • LDAP Bind DN Password - The password for the user account used to connect to LDAP.
  • Verify Server Certificate - Check to enable server certificate verification.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see additional options:

  • Microsoft 365 Integration (JumpCloud only) - Use this feature to allow SharePoint Sync to use JumpCloud as the identity manager.
  • Rejoin - Use this option to repeat the LDAP join process.  This can sometimes solve issues with LDAP integration.
  • Sync User/Group From Server - Synchronize user and group information in your Morro Account with your LDAP server.