Recommendation: Disable archive bit usage in your backup software when using a CacheDrive as the backup source.

Some Windows backup packages have the option to use the archive bit to determine if a file needs to be backed up.  Files that have not been backed up will have their archive bit unset, files that have been backed up will have their archive bit set.

This creates an upsync queue problem when backup software uses a source share on a CacheDrive and sets the archive bit for backed up files.  Since every file that is backed up will have its archive bit changed from unset to set, this creates a new upsync request for each file (to update the metadata).  If a large number of small files are backed up, this could create a large number of upsync queue requests that need to be processed before more important upsync requests can be handled (such as new or updated files).

Many backup software packages can use file modification timestamps instead of archive bit, which will not create upsync queue requests.  Using this method will be far less intrusive in terms of resource usage and service delays.


CommVault: Disable the "Check archive bit during backups" option for the subclient.