The maximum cacheable file size depends on the storage capacity of the CacheDrive.  For a 1 TB device, the maximum file size is approximately 300 GB due to reserved space for the operating system and working space for data handling.  CacheDrives with larger storage capacity will have a higher limit, for example about 700 GB on a 2 TB system.

For Sync and Replicate shares, there are no file size limitations except for hardware storage capacity (see above).

For Archive shares, the maximum file size is set by the Cloud storage provider as shown below. Size limit may be changed in the future, and it may depending on region and plan, so please consult with your provider. Also please consult with your provider which is not listed below.

Cloud Storage ProviderMaximum File Size
Backblaze10 TB
Amazon S35 TB
Wasabi5 TB (1TB for free account)
Microsoft Blob190.7 TiB