Morro ECHO OneDrive is a file sharing service which utilizes OneDrive to share files with your external friends or customers. You are not required to create an account in the Morro Cloud Manager to share files.

1. Register the OneDrive account with Morro ECHO

  1. To add a OneDrive Account, click ADD ACCOUNT and create "Morro Echo" Folder. In Microsoft OneDrive authenticate Morro Echoapp access.  " is registered with Morro Echo App.

  2. Click NEXT to authenticate the account.
    If an account is already authenticated via the browser (you have logged into Dropbox from the current browser), it will ask for permission to add the app Morro Echo to the account. Otherwise, it will prompt you for the username and password for the Dropbox account you want to link to Morro Data.

In the OneDrive Files page, a folder named "Morro Echo" is automatically created.

2. Setup Shares to Sync with ECHO

In File System page, select the share to sync with ECHO. 

  1. Choose the share to open the Share detail panel.
  2. In section "ECHO", use the dropdown list to select the ECHO account with with the Share will sync.S

  3. Click SAVE to complete the ECHO set up and the Share is showing an 'e' for ECHO enabled.

In the example above, the name of the selected Share is Sales-East. Files between Sales - East and the OneDrive top level folder
/Morro Echo/Sales - East will mirror each other.

Allow some time for mirroring to complete if files already exist in either share.

You can use the Dropbox app to share files with your friends, customers and partners.

Note: Files must be added to the folder corresponding to the share name. Files placed in the top level folder "Morro Echo" will not be synced to the Morro Global File System.